The Wicked Pizza

What is The Wicked Pizza: Thin crust. Fresh ingredients. A sauce worthy of its Boston heritage. These are but a few things that make Wicked Pizza wicked awesome. A fusion of Mexican character and North End flavor (our homemade sauce is a secret family recipe — Wicked Pizza’s founder brought it here all the way from Boston), one visit and you’ll be sure to be a Wicked fan.

Top 10 things that make us wicked awesome.

1.We go to the local markets daily, ensuring the freshest ingredients for our pizzas! (We support the locals.)
2.A perfect blend of two kinds of real mozzarella promises a pizza with perfectly melted cheese.
3.Our hand-tossed dough is made daily.
4.Our thin crust is wicked crunchy.
5.We make our sauce from scratch — every day!
6.The only pizza place in Cabo to boast a FULL BAR.
7.Craving a slice at 3 am? You’re in luck — we’re open late.
8.Multiple flat screen TVs, perfect for watching your favorite game in the comfort of air conditioning.
wicked pizza
One visit and you’ll be sure to be a Wicked fan. Stop in and find out for yourself all the reasons Wicked Pizza is good as hell!

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